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Secretary's Message
S. Selviselvam
We at Winnar Vikas believe that education is the groundwork for life, that is an enjoyable, interactive and continuing process. Our Educational Trust promotes the holistic development of every student. The Focused trust is on fostering excellence not only in academics but also in co-curricular activities like Sports. Literary-association etc.

The Students are well trained to perform their best and facilitated to Acquire leadership qualities essential to make tomorrow a better day. Our goal is to making competency and problem solving skills which are inherited by the students to face the challenges posed by globalized Competitions.

S. Mohan kumar B.E.,
Our Institution’s ambition is to provide International quality education to children from all walks of life. Our Institution is run by ARS Educational trust, Salem. The Board of Directors are committed to the noble cause of education as they are leaders in the education field.

S. Manikandan B.E.,
Winnar Vikas is dedicated to work with innovative ideas, glorious past and all round growth. The budding schools would blossom, spread the fragrance of love and compassion and strive for Creedless and casteless society flourishingly as distinguished band of loyal citizens. By stoking up simmering cubes of intellect in its students Winnar Vikas does sincerely hope that they will be the torch bearers showing others the path to pursue and excel.

Our vision is to impart knowledge to the rural and the down trodden children in order to equip them with the requisite skills to emerge toppers in the toughest global competitions. Excellence and tall order in every field of human endeavor is our fond dream.

We aim at ensuring academic excellence, nurturing innate talent, promoting scientific temper of reasoning and proliferating analytical skills of the students entrusted to our care. We experts are for Universal enrichment, illumination and enlightenment.